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Daytona Beach, FL 32114

About Us

You spend your days worrying more about the weather outside than what a computer says; that’s not to say you don’t like them or use them, but you enjoy owning a boat, not juggling keyboards. That’s where we come in. We utilize every method of internet-based marketing to get you instant feedback, as well as immediate communication from multiple sources.

We use advanced software, as well as using multiple internet marketing techniques to get our boat listings to every corner of the world. We have incredibly detailed listings that show off countless pictures and rich, informed details of each vessel.

Browse our website. Look at why we’re one of the fastest-growing leaders in the yacht brokerage industry. Don’t be surprised if you lose a few hours falling in love with beautiful vessels. If you do fall in love with one of our listings, let us know!

We also believe in creating a neighborhood experience with our business. Everyone who walks through our door is our neighbor. You may not want to purchase a boat at the time, but we’re always up for a conversation about one. We created this business because it’s an extension of us; it’s what we were born to do.